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General rules for foreign investments

Ukrainian authorities regularly declare a penetration to involve foreign investment and the broader public is well disposed to it.
There are few restrictions on foreign ownership. The major exceptions are publishing and broadcasting, and the manufacture of weapons. Otherwise, the regulatory conception for the improvement and operation of businesses in Ukraine and in Lviv Region in particular by foreign investors is similar to home investors. As a rule, investment permits are not required, but all enterprises must be established according to the form and procedure prescribed by law and registered with appropriate government agencies. Foreign investors are generally not required to seek special approval from authorities for foreign direct investments.
Both home and foreign investors still come across difficulties. These do not relate specifically to the issue of foreign ownership or investment, but rather to administrative difficukties that are arbitrarily enforced, or random delays.
Ukraine is still strains to build a legal system that promotes easy interaction with the international community. Many issues are not dealt with by a single law, so it may be necessary to piece several laws together to develop understanding of an issue. The various laws may also be ambiguous or contradictory, which complicates the discord further.  See also

Balanced Monetary Policy and improving Corporate Law promote private investment growth.
A separate subdivision that provides a complex accompaniment of investment projects functions in Lviv city council (contacts:1 Rynok Sq, 531 cabinet, tel: (+38032) 2975980, 742266; e-mail: The aim of this subdivision is to promote the activities of investment organizations and to favour the investment climate of the region.
As Martin Raiser, senior economist at the World Bank, stated that the World Bank could approve a partnership strategy for the World Bank and Ukraine for 2008 - 2011 that envisions investment of up to $1 billion annually.
The World Bank board of directors will confirm the strategy by year's end, he informed.
Loans will make up $300 million - $400 million of annual investment and the rest will be provided as investment credits.
Detailed information
What is more, Lviv Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (LvCSTEI) propose you a book “Small and Medium Business invites to Cooperation”. It is intended for auditory is, at first, town’s guests for whom our practical advices concerning settlement, dwelling, nourishment, transportation, rest will be very useful and also for investors for which appropriate web-pages are prepared and useful juridical and practical advices concerning business leading are exposed.

Book “Small and Medium Business invites to Cooperation”.

Chose language of the article : Українська English

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