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International cooperation With Ukraine in science and technology area

The usage of opportunities of international cooperation within the globalization has great significance for the place of a country on a top level of innovation development. Attraction of foreign investors to the development of national innovation sphere is very important among such factors (The strategy of innovation development of Ukraine for 2010–2020 in conditions of global challenges).

Situation in general
Ukraine is increasingly emerging as a low cost hub for high quality software development. This is reflected in the relative amount of ICT services exported (% of total services exported), which has increased over 40% from 2.5 to 3.6 between 2000 and 2007 (World Bank’s “ICT at a Glance” 2009, Exported ICT services include IT consulting, integration, software re-engineering, software testing and outsourcing.
The largest Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies include Aricent, Infopulse, Lohika, Luxoft, Miratech, Softline, Softserve and Validio (Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Review 2007, Many of the world’s most famous IT companies - Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Dell and Cisco – have also established representative offices in Kyiv in order to tap into the expanding national market.
Several medium sized European IT companies have recognized the opportunities in Ukraine and developed strategic links, commercial agreements or acquired shareholdings in Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies.

Thanks to the National Doctrine of Education Development a strong co-operation between Ukrainian and European universities was started. Specifically, implementation of the doctrine has resulted in Ukraine joining the Bologna system in May 2005 (
Each of the 28 best universities reported in “Compass” participate in international projects with European partners. Most of these projects are devoted to training Ukrainian students and young researchers in Europe, student exchange programs and postdoctoral fellowship programmes.
Joint study programmes (e.g.TEMPUS are very popular among Ukrainian private universities. However, brain drain is usually the result of such cooperation. Young Ukrainian specialists with a Western university diploma have good chances to find work in the EU or North America.
Very little research collaboration takes place between Ukrainian universities and European research organisations. According to their web sites, only 16 of the 28 top rated Ukrainian universities had been involved in any international ICT research projects during recent years.

If to take into account the situation in general, we now understand that Ukrainian companies in general have lack of awareness about the FP7 ICT programme and lack of understanding and skills on how to participate effectively in these projects. Moreover, we have insufficient number of operating ICT technopark/business incubator (e.g. technopark in the Institute of Semiconductors, Kyiv). And one more problem, the Europe has insufficient information about Ukraine and Ukrainian experts.

The way out
Generaly speaking, we see the lack of information for both European and Ukrainian sides. That is why Lviv Centre for Scientific, Technical and Economic Information (LvivCSTEI) created a web-page on which our experts host the information regarding different projects, calls etc. Moreover, we possess a big network of contacts, create data bases. We try to show the possibilities and potential of Ukrainian side via our Internet resource and our reports. We effectively spread information to the target groups and thanks to accumulated already information, European experts can get acquainted with Ukrainian reality quicker and organize the fulfillment of the project more effectively.

Worth to mention that the Centre has a huge experience in trainings, info-days, workshops, awareness raising events organizing (within FP6). Many times we organized trips abroad for Ukrainian delegations (mostly projects with Polish partners).
Nowadays we see ourselves as a bridge of information between Europe and Ukrainian partners.
Our organization started spreading the ideas of cooperation with European structures in the sphere of sciences and technologies among the first in Ukraine. The first aid we received from The Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union (
As a West Ukrainian regional contact point of scientific-technological cooperation with EU LvCSTEI constantly provides practical help for innovation SMEs. We regularly monitor and analyze documents of EU in the sphere of science and innovations. On the basis of these documents we make conclusions and recommendations which we send to our Ministry, Academy of Science of Ukraine and to other organizations and institutions. 
We are among initiators of the acquirement of Ukraine the status of associated country in FP7 and signing of Ukraine and EU an agreement about the cooperation within CIP programme.
  Generally speaking, we are trying to intensify the cooperation in science and technology areas and in such a way to make a Europe closer to us.

Chose language of the article : Українська English

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